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Children’s Dentistry in Sunrise

Helping kids establish good oral health habits sets a foundation for a healthy smile for life—and at Welleby Family Dental, we love helping them learn to love coming to the dentist as well!
smiling kid in dentists chair

Who We See

We offer care for kids aged seven years and older. All of our staff have kids of their own, and we take the time to build rapport with kiddos and help them have a fun experience, while learning about keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

What to Expect

For children, we typically don’t take a full set of X-rays—we’ll take bitewing X-rays as necessary. Then Dr. Juma will conduct an exam of their teeth and gums. She’s very friendly, and she makes the process comfortable. Many times, we’ll just do a polishing. But if there is a lot of buildup, our hygienist will do a very gentle cleaning. We have character toothbrushes for kids, and we make them laugh and take all the “scary” out of the visit.


It’s important to start dental care early to establish habits around diet, avoiding certain foods, and brushing and flossing. Educating our little patients (and their parents) and making it more fun to brush—perhaps by recommending an electric toothbrush—teaches the importance of keeping their mouth healthy in order to keep the rest of their body healthy.

The Importance of Regular Care

As with our adult patients, we recommend children get an exam every six months. This allows us to catch any areas of decay before they become more serious, and it gives us a chance to reinforce what we’ve taught the kids. The more often they come to the dentist and it’s a positive experience, the less likely they are to develop dental phobias in the future.

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