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Botox®/Fillers in Sunrise

person getting botox injectionOur friendly, caring team at Welleby Family Dental is here to provide you with the full range of services you need to keep your smile healthy and bright for a lifetime! It surprises many patients to learn that Botox is one of the cutting-edge treatments we provide.

What Is It?

Botox is a neuromodulator that works by temporarily freezing muscles, and many people are aware of its cosmetic uses in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and making it more difficult for new wrinkles to form.

However, in addition to cosmetics, it has other benefits that are important for patients suffering with conditions related to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

TMJ Therapy

For patients with TMJ disorders, clenching the jaw can lead to issues like headaches and migraines, in addition to damaging their teeth by grinding them. The muscle responsible for many TMJ disorders is the masseter muscle, which allows your jaw to move so you can speak and chew.

Botox injections in the masseter muscle can freeze the muscle so that it doesn’t over-contract and cause clenching and grinding. We typically combine this with night guards to help retrain your jaw not to clench.

We may combine Botox injections with Platelet-rich Fibrin treatments to help reduce wrinkles and reintroduce collagen, giving patients a more youthful appearance.

Neuromodulator treatments, whether for TMJ disorders or for cosmetic purposes, last about six to eight months. It takes about two weeks to feel or see the full effects of the treatment.

We ask that you don’t wear any makeup to your appointment. The process is quick, usually just 10-15 minutes. It’s not painful because the needles we use are very fine, but you may feel a little prick at the injection site.

Don’t rub or massage your face, and try not to sleep on your face the first night. Avoid exercise or strenuous activity for 12 hours after treatment.

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